Puppy Course 4wks 1,200 includes Vaccinations and collar&leash
This is a special course and is offered ONLY to our Puppy Clients with Pups bred by us that go into the program from 8-12wks. The course covers the foundation for basic obedience.Leash training,sit,come.The course also includes crate training and beginning housebreaking.The pup is exposed to many different elements here on the farm that stimulate his/her brain &drives.In Our play and training sessions we use different stimuli such as working on different floor surfaces(interor wood,lineoleum,decking,grates,stairs,grass,hay bales,woods,etc.)in the warmer months they are exposed to water via our streams and Pond.We have course set up that consists of both cloth and solid tunnels to go through.Ladders to walk on,bridges,tires,etc.The pup is also being socialized and introduced to distractions like groups of people,livestock,cats,other dogs,bicycles,cars,car rides,kids and much more. We only take a maximum of 2 pups at a time for this training as it is very time intensive and needs to be booked in advance.

Obedience 1 (4wks) 1200.00 Consists of teaching heel,heel at different speeds and right&left turns,stay,sit, sit stay,down,down stay and the recall(come)to the front.Obedience 1 is all on-leash training and is done under very minimal distraction.
Obedience 2 (6wks) 1500.00
Consists of On and Off leash training,heel at multiple speeds,automatic sits,right,left and about turns,sit,sit stay,down,down stay,recall to the front at a reasonable distance and finish heel.Obedience 2 is done on&off leash with medium level distraction.
With both level 1&2 Obedience there is also elements of continual socialization
At this time we are offering only In-Kennel obedience 1&2.We hope to be able to offer group and private lessons again in the near future.
We offer boarding on a limited basis.We have covered 6X12 or 12x12 or outdoor (seasonal) 12x12 or 10x16 kennels with doghouses.
20.00 a day for medium to large dogs(discount for clients)
15.00 a day for small dogs
20.00 for Puppies (8wks- 5mos.)

We pride ourselves in our relationship with our clients,this is a special relationship of trust that we dont take lightly. Whether it be a first time buyer that has always dreamed of owning a GSD or a knowledgable client looking for a top competition/breeding dog ,we have been very successful at finding the right dog and matching the client to the pup that meets their needs. We gladly give references and will take the time needed to answer any questions and discuss your wants and needs whether it be for dog sport,PDK-9,security,scent work or the most important..a loving family companion! All our dogs come with a Full,written hip/health guarantee and support for the life of that dog for any questions the client may have.

WaldkonigTraining & Boarding