A interesting article explaining in text and photos the difference in German Shepherd"type". I would like to add to this article the fact that angulation does NOT equal hip dysplasia.This is a common thought in many and is simply not true.American Showlines are extremely angulated dogs and the fact that they have a higher incidence of Dysplasia is not due to angulation but to the lack of consistent testing like they are required to do in Europe. Many see a GSD that is shown in the traditional"stack" position and see it as too angulated.  Stacking ,a pose that requires both front legs to be together and a rear leg pulled back,will lengthen out the topline and make the dog appear more angulated.The farther that leg is pulled back,the more angulated the dog appears.Below is Good example of this ,Showing our boy Urs "stacked" on the left and standing unstacked on the right. This a a dog rated "V" or Excellent in conformation in Germany.
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