Waldkonig Client Testimonials
​​​​​​​​It was Onyx's (Lord/Heidi litter) 2nd birthday today, so I thought I'd send you a quick update on how he's doing. He titled as a UKC conformation champion at just over a year old and a few months ago he passed the American Temperament Test with flying colors. Last month I started running him with the bike to start getting reading for the AD in a few months, and I'm planning to do his BH the same weekend. We've been going to obedience classes since he was three months old and he's always been amazing. Progressed quickly through basic and got the certificate for completing advanced. We still attend though as there's always more to learn. Most of the dogs in the class originally came to the trainer because they were dog and/or human aggressive (Onyx is the only dog in the advanced class that never was) and he's always been fantastically calm when other dogs go off. In fact, dog aggressive dogs rarely snark at him because he's so calm and confident. We've been taking private herding lessons since he was four months old and it's his absolute favorite thing to do. Other than that, we've dabbled in Mondioring (only stopped going because the club was so far away) and agility. He's able and willing to do everything I've thrown at him, so I'm excited to continue trying new things.
Above it all though, he's a truly fantastic companion. Easily the most bonded dog I've ever had; primarily to me, but also to the rest of the family. He gets compliments everywhere we go, including cars stopping to ask about him. He's neutral toward most strangers and more often than not will ignore them (which I love), but he's watchful of anything suspicious and very protective anytime he perceives a threat (and he's quite good at discerning what is and isn't threatening). I always feel safe if I have Onyx with me because if his appearance doesn't scare off ne'er-do-wells, his willingness to follow through on his threats will. He's always up for any activity, and has the energy and endurance to go all day, but has a great off switch in the house. I'm always amazed that a dog that's so high energy with so much drive can also be so calm! Really the best of both worlds because he's a great worker, but still a pleasure to live with. I really can't say enough good things about this dog, so I'll just say he's the best dog I've ever had and has enriched my life in ways I never expected. Thanks so much for such a gorgeous, balanced, and loving boy!
I took the picture a few months ago, but it's one of my favorites.

​​​​​​Deb from WA writes of her Grace/Hurican daughter,Lilly.Deb also has a 11 yr old Dargo/Saskia son,Dragon
​Hi Jill,
I am writing even though I don't have pictures to send. I will get some taken. I have lost so many cameras in the woods on trail rides and run over others with my car that I no longer own one. I have one on my phone, but somehow, it just isn't the same, and I find that I don't take many pictures anymore. But Lilly is growing and blooming, and you would never believe how much she has come into her own. She had a bad habit of putting her paws up on me, but I never really discouraged her because I was CERTAIN she would never do that to anyone else (as she was so wary of strangers). HA. Not any more. Today she walked up to a total stranger and put her paws on her chest. Oops. Guess I'll have to teach her not to do that. She has completed puppy obedience (she won ALL the contests), and also completed the first series of noseworks. She was the STAR (seriously, she was scary good--just ask Dorothy). But we are going to take a break and take some more obedience classes, as I don't think I'll compete in noseworks, and I'd like to keep socializing her for now (noseworks is one dog at a time, as you know, and obedience classes have a socialization component). Lilly goes nearly everywhere with me (even work), and like Dragon, everyone is starting to know her. She shops for her own toys and treats at the pet store and at the feed store, and she is now quite the social butterfly. She really is quite different from Dragon, but I am beginning to understand why you love the females so much. She is adorable and devilish at the same time--very, very smart. I do have one complaint, though...I honestly believe she is going to have the same darn coat as Dragon. Is it my curse? Her fur gets longer and thicker each day. Had I not come and seen your other shepherds, I would have thought this was normal, but now I know there is some kind of "mutant fur" gene from Dargo that apparently, both my dogs have. Lilly and Dragon are so sweet together, and Lilly loves the malamute too. In Dragon's entire life, Lilly is the ONLY dog that has ever been able to take his frisbee from him. It is just too cute to watch.
Lilly goes on very long walks (3 miles) a couple times a week with her boyfriend Moby (a mixed breed). Unfortunately, Dragon can't do those long walks anymore. She loves to swim in the sound--do all shepherds love to swim? Dragon loves it too, but Lilly tries to swim in every puddle she comes across. We've also been hiking in Capitol forest. I took her mushroom hunting a few weeks ago, and she was perfect (well, except that she stepped on lots of mushrooms). We're going mushroom hunting again next weekend in the Olympic mountains. I'm sure she'll have a blast.I promise I will get you pics soon. I hope Love is doing well....I hope you'll be able to see Lilly in person before she is so old, as it was with Dragon. I'm not sure what possessed me to email you that day about getting another dog, and Lilly certainly is everything I didn't want in another shepherd (wrong color, wrong gender, wrong timing), but I don't think I could have gotten a more perfect second shepherd. I love her dearly.I hope we can trail ride too one of these days. It is supposed to be a warmer, dryer winter. Maybe we can take a couple of shepherds and trail ride in Capitol Forest this fall or winter. deb

I just wanted to give you a quick update on one of your pups from two years ago (Lord/Minx litter). Laura and I purchased Hazel shortlyafter our deployment in Iraq in September, 2010. We moved to Germany about one year ago and get constant comments on how beautiful our dog is. We recently began taking her to an obedience school here in
Germany and the trainer, a GSD breeder for over 20 years at that, is amazed about how well bred she is.
He couldn't believe that we gother in the states and wanted me to personally tell you how good of ajob you've done. Hazel is everything Laura and I hoped for and aperfect family dog. Exactly how you told us she would be. She has an
incredible play drive, she was instantly protective of me, Laura, and the two cats and has made every day better for us.
While we are getting the itch to add a friend for her, we are waiting to get back
to the states so we can get another of your wonderful pups.
Thank you for all of the advice and all the work your put into your profession,
Cale, Laura, and Hazel (Nikita von dem WaldKonig)

​Hi Jill,I apologize for not writing sooner. I have a pup from the Vicky/Lux litter. He is now 1 ½ years old (Xander von dem Waldkonig call name “BO”). I was reading your testimonial page and saw one of his litter mates and thought I would write you. He is everything I wanted and MORE! We joined a Shutzhund club when he was a year old. His grips have always been full and VERY hard. The club helpers say that they haven’t felt a hard bite like “BO’s” in a long time. He is a very confident/dominate dog with nerves of steel. Nothing phases him. What impresses me the most is that on the training field he is an absolute brute with crushing grips and freakish strength. Off the training field he is my kids best friend. He was 92lbs at his last vet visit. When people see him the first thing they notice is his huge head. The vet said the muscles around his head and jaws are pronounced even for a male german shepard. I’ll stop bragging now and let the pictures speak for themselves. They still don’t do him justice. Thank you for a dog that exceeded all of my expectations.​
​Todd in NY write of Koda,his Vicky/Lux boy at 1 1/2 yrs.
Thought I'd drop you a short note.I found a new group to train with. Still doing beginning bitework. I'm going try a new route with the dog.UKC SDA( Service Dogs of America).Kinda like Schutzhund but with a bite suit. We'll do a little cross training.The decoys in this club have alot of experience and train and import world class Dutch Shepherds.So far, I've been to 3 trainers and they all think Koda is great. The decoys at this new club were very surprised at his grips.They are used to high flying and hard hitting Dutchies and they think His grips are extremely strong and deep.I'll send the link along of some pics of Spring training 1 and 2.I was curious if you heard anything about the rest of the Litter,any of them working?? Oh yeah,his defense is really coming out now,especially at training. But,he has a nice calm demeanor in the house and yard.It's what you'd call an On/Off switch.Very Nice.

​​​Esther in OH writes of her Saskia son,Gari at 1 yr old-
Judge liked him ALOT;good head,good expression,nice strong ears,straight front,good rear angulation...
full dentition and correct scissor bite(its very hard to show the bite when the dog WILL NOT pull in his tongue);Medium size(62cm,70lbs);powerful gait,excellent working structure. He especially commented on Garis temperament: Strong dog,very strong temperament.Gari was abit off the wall today;he was really wound up.It was beautiful,mid-50's,breezy,sun&clouds.
He got a SG2(with a SG3 and a G behind him);the SG1 dog was a really striking dog from show lines.Everyone commented that it was pretty impressive for a black dog to get as good a rating as Gari did. But the Judge really liked him :D.
I was thrilled to no end(I'm still beaming!!!!)

​Hi! I was just thinking about how I need to send you an update. The time is going so fast I can't believe that it's already May. We had an amazing amount of snow here which was a lot of fun for Nyx. The mud is mostly dried up here except where we train, but that doesn't seem to bother her. In fact, she purposely seeks out the mud/water holes. She is doing fantastic with all aspects of training. Excellent with tracking and I have just started to introduce her to articles. I'm sure she will pick that up fast. Her obedience is coming along great (in-motion exercises, send aways, learning to retrieve and excellent blind searches). While in her long down, the training director fired the gun for a dog working towards his sch1. I didn't expect it and I wasn't near her, but I turned to look and she was just scratching herself, lol. She absolutely loves protection since she can do her favorite things: talk a lot, run, leap/jump and bite. She still has an amazing amount of drive and has not been intimidated by any helpers putting her into a bit of defense. We are working on more accurate bites, but she has always bit deeply. Helpers love to work with her and find her to be a lot of fun. I am hoping to go far with her in training and schutzhund since she definitely has it in her.
At home, she has been nothing short of excellent. She stays pretty relaxed around the house if you don't count the wrestling mayhem with the other animals. She is only locked in her crate when absolutely no one is home. I don't know how, but she still squeezes under the bed to sleep and stays there most of the night. She has several other options including her crate if she wants the den-like experience. Just about every morning, I am greeted with a smack to the face and fierce cuddling, then she runs to wake up the other two dogs and runs to the back door...alarm clock and creature of habit! I think she comes up with ways throughout the day on just how to be silly. She is around 60lbs now, but could be a little more. I'm assuming she will top out at 70lbs? Geez, I swear she fit into my palm for about one day! She is unbelievably social and very outgoing from people to all types of animals. We are still working on the horse thing and that's probably about the only thing I've ever seen her be mildly afraid of. Honestly, I think most of her ability to be so confident and social is just genetic. With the bad weather, we did not get much in with people, but I never once worried with her. Naturally, good and gentle with children (neighborhood kids and my nieces) and doesn't pay much mind to running and screaming. I'm extremely fortunate to have her everyday. Anyone getting a Lord puppy will not be disappointed. Please feel free to show her pictures to any of yours or jeans' clients. She is also on the pedigree database website. I will have to get a stacked photo of her to you soon as well

​Nona in CA writes about her Dargo/Sandy daughter,Elke
Hi Jill,I thought I would give you a update on how Elke is doing.She's getting to be a really big girl! I'm so proud of her and how well she's doing with her training.Right now we are working on "Personal Protection".Shes seems to be very happy in that work and a bit diffeent approach then schutzhund.My trainer,who also trains for some local Police and Sheriff's depts,is very impressed with her too. He said shes very"serious about her bite,she's not playing around when she makes her bite,it's a full clean grip and she doesnt reposition herself.Once she gets the sleeve she drops it and focuses back on the decoy.My trainer said this is typical of the DDR breeding and they arent "fooled" by the decoy sleeve-they are focused on "the man" not "the suit".
Im working on getting more pictures together but heres one while at one of her training sessions.Hope all is well!
Kep in Touch,

​Todd in NY writes of his Vicky/Lux son
Hi, Thought I'd give you a update on Koda.He is from your Vicky/Lux litter. Well,he is just over 1 yr now and quite the handful,but in a good way.We have been doing bitework with him for 7 mos now and he is amazing at it. My trainer had to switch him to a adult sleeve when he was just a month into training,his grips were so strong and powerful.He was crushing the puppy sleeve.As the Trainer said,"when he is about 2-3 yrs old he will be quite impressive".
We just started the bark&hold and the blind searches.Very quick learner.We are just starting to bring out the defense in him during training.Probably 95% prey drive,but defense is just starting to show.With all his prey drive it sure makes obedience easy to train. He does good at tracking but I must admit it is not my favorite aspect of training.I need to focus more on that.
Soon,the dumbells and jumps will be started.He is going to love jumping,as he jumps on/over anything he can.I have switched him to the raw diet which of course he loves,and he weighs in at a very lean 85lbs.
hope all is well with you and your family and thank you again for such a great dog

​​​​​​​​​​David in British Columbia CA writes of his Urs/Vicky son Nero,a highly trained PP dog
Hello Jill,
I hope you and your family are well.Happy New Year!
Just wanted to drop you this,way overdue e-mail to let you know how pleased we are with Nero.
He is an amazing dog.He is very calm in the house,great with the family and yet fiercely protective when appropriate.We can take him anywhere,He is absolutely bombproof!
Back 4 years ago when I told you the type of dog I needed for my family,you listened very carefully and provided our family a dog that not only met our needs but surpassed them.
Jill,I would highly recommend you to anyone who was seriously considering a workingline Shepherd dog.I sent you a couple of recent photos(Nov 2009).As promised,I will be sending you working photos of Nero as well.
Have a great New Year Jill!
Forever Grateful,

​​Kyle &Julie write of their Casey/Urs son Cerberus ;
Hi Jill,
I can't believe our boy is 1 yr old already! How time flies!
Julie and I wanted to give you a update on Cerberus.He has been an absolute joy to have since we brought him home.We've had our share of things chewed up and destroyed by him but He continues to grow into a great dog. I've been taking him to training classes with Dalene since he was 5 mos old. He loves working obedience and is very easy to train.He learns very quickly and Im often the one holding him back.He passed his class "test" first in the class and has since moved on to working on the CDX events.I havent showed him for obedience yet,but I hope to sometime this Summer.Around the house He is great.He has a great security bark that alerts us to someone coming to the door before they knock.We no longer have soliciters trying to talk us into buying things because they hear his bark and just want to leave! He absolutely loves being around people and has to be the center of attention.He also loves going for walks,playing with other dogs and going for car rides.Julie and I are thankful that you matched us up with such a great dog that fits are family so well. We're so happy with him that we referred our friends to you when we saw that one of his brothers was available! Ive attached a few pictures of him that we've taken recently and hope to keep in touch with you in the future.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Esther of OH writes about Gari aka"Black Thing" at approx 11wks of age
Are you sure he's 100% dog?
He's got the shoulders of a hyena,the jaws of a alligator,the tongue of a anteater(I swear he can get me in the eye from 3' away)the front limbs of a gorilla and the learning curve of a dolphin(he's really really smart!) I am lucky he doesnt have opposable thumbs;I'd be in real trouble!
Gari's ability to track visually is increasing steadily; he can follow a ball or stick thrown much farther now.
And his mouth is now big enough to pick up tennis balls(not two at a time,though;he's still working on that).
His fight drive is really intense.He gets that old sleeve cover and he'll just keep going at it and going at it!
He loves to grab his tug toys and fight,fight,fight! What a great little boy he is!

​​Raul in TX writes of his Wusi/Urs boy,Orpheus
Hello there Jill,
How are you doing?I hope your move went well and you are settled down in your new home.As for us,we are doing just fine.Orpheus is growing stronger and smarter as the minutes go by.Yes,thats right,minutes..this guy is so smart its scary!Next thing he will be doing is talking back to me in German(lol).He loves going to the schutzhund sessions and watching all the big German Shepherds work.I also took him to this other group that does Protection Sports/Mondio Ring and they love him.They think he is full of confidence.So will see how that goes.His ears are coming along well ,they were both up on 9/13 and 9/14 but one of them went down the following day.I have attach several pictues of him.On there you are able to see him from the 1st few weeks I got him to the most recent of him standing on my front porch Guarding the house already he is(lol)...

​​Linda writes of her Hanka/Urs girl,Sonje call name "Zuri"
I wish I'd had a chance to upload the latest pictures of Sonje,but she is quite the distraction! I'll send some as soon as I can....
She's growing like a weed-22lbs at her 10th wk.Both ears are up,although the left one is still alittle floppy at times.She rides nicely in the car,but still gets car sick.I know that takes some time so Im being patient.Sonje is bright and curious and loads of fun.She's starting to be protective,barking at anyone that comes too close to our fence.I got her a small pumpkin for Halloween and she carries it all over the yard by the stem.I love how she's all mine,but loves my parents too.She sleeps through the night,which blows my mind for a puppy her age.I can't gush enough about her.
Update- Linda now also has a Neice of Zuri's from Whitneys 2014 litter with Lord.​

​​​Hello Jill! Its Keith from West Virgina I bought a puppy from you a few years back out of Urs. remember the BIG puppies. He is doing very well and is a treasured member of my family. I never did train him but I am doing Shutzin (I know I misspelled that) with his son. I had a trainer come up to me at our last training before Christmas and tell me that some people look all there life to get a dog with the intensity that Magnus's son has. Makes me really wish I would have trained him. But I just wanted to give you an update and say hello.I will be trialing with Brham (Magnus's son) in April I will let you know how he does. Anyway happy holidays!

​The Triplett family write of their Felis/Urs son Rusty
Hi Jill,
We just wanted to say thanks for such a great breed,Rusty is truly a dynamic part of our family.I work with him everyday in my traditional training methods composed of fetch,sit,heel,hide and seek with the kids and even soccer.He is already very protective of our family with his big dog bark and assertive stance.I have no doubt that Rusty will forge the solid bond of K9 companionship that my children will cherish for the rest of their lives
The Triplett family

​Tiesha in Oregon writes of her Saskia/Lux boy "Moose"
Moose just graduated from puppy class..he was definately the best behaved(and smartest-yes I am biased)pup in the class.He is growing everyday,just lost his last tooth and has all his big dog teeth coming in.He is quite the Prince.We are so happy with our gigantic puppy! The girls just adore and each have their own special relationship with him.As you said he would be,he is amazingly beautiful,proud,strong and still very floppy.He is amazing with our neices and nephews..even the 18mo old little girl...he herds her around and loves to give kisses.I have been taking him to the shop with me everyday and he loves to go visit our customers.He follows me everywhere yet is still independent and likes to go hang out in his favorite spot and watch everything.He does great with other dogs and animals..like cows,goats and llamas.He likes to prance around all hackled up acting real tough(our little Prince!)
We had 30 people over for Thanksgiving and he was such a good boy..he just hung out and made his rounds.He is obsessed with the water bowl pedestal..he is still most messiest drinker ever...water just pours out of his mouth after drinking.Our floors have never been cleaner from all the wiping.His favorite spot to hang out is by the water bowls...
Heb is just so dang smart.He almost intuitively knows what I want him to do.He is very vocal..especially inthe morning he sings up the good morning song when he wakes us up(when he hears the alarm go off)just in case I hit the snooze.He is sleeping in his crate with the door open..he has a big dog bed that he gets in sometimes too.He is a angel..he has not(knock on wood)destroyed anything yet.He hangs out in my brand new Hummer when I go to the gym after work...he just snuggles in and sleeps.He knows what he can and cant play with at home..even though he loves to grab our socks and run with a very naughty look on his face...he has quite the persinality.He is also getting the most beautiful color...and those eyes! Can you tell I am in love:)
Thank you so much!
Tiesha and Moose

As many people seem to write, I am also "sorry for the delay" - time just slips away. I'm the guy who drove up on a day's notice from Northern California during the cold spell in December, 2009. Kenya, daughter of Quella and Artur Gal-Mark, had been "left over" when the original buyer had financial difficulties - and we are glad they did. I am also sorry to read about Saskia's passing. She was Kenya's "grandmother." No real need to send photos since, at 16 1/2 months, Kahvi (Finnish for coffee), as we call her, looks just like her mother and grandmother! Everyone comments on how beautiful and shiny she is. At 15 months she was about as big as Quella. As you "warned," she is definitely a busy-body. Nothing escapes her attention and "assistance." Our cat would confirm that but with a grumble instead of a laugh. She is very high-energy, lots of ball-drive, covers ground like a hungry wolf and swims like an otter. Our vet just shakes his head. She was a handful as a pup but is turning into an excellent dog. She is quite level-headed and friendly - relatively gentle and careful (for such a young dog) around my in-laws (88 and 90 years old). She taught us well and when I'm wrong she "talks back" to let me know it. She is, of course, usually right - very smart or as I am fond of saying, "Too smart for our own good!" Thanks for everything.
David & Virginia-Redding, CA

​ Keith in WV writes of his Hanka/Urs boy Magnus
Hello Jill,
Im sorry I have not e-mailed you sooner but I just figured out how to get some to you.This Boy has really grown, I havent had him weighed recently but I'm sure he's in the 90's or better!!! And he loves to play and has a awesome bite and will not let go of anything until I tell him to.In all these pics he is the biggest dog.The other is my black female.She is 2 yrs old and he looks to be twice her size! Again he is a awesome dog! I love him very much and will be sending u a better better pic as soon as I get my new camera developed.He listens very well and loves other animals including our barn cat that he lets eat from his bowl which surprised me.He is truly a awesome dog.I know you're into the schutzhund thing.Do you know of anyone around here close to Pittsburgh that trains dogs in this?
Thanks again for and thanks for the dog!

​​Milano in CA writes of his Vicky/Urs daughter Tia
Hi Jill, Thought I would update you on Tia at 9 mos,well she is a amazing animal!!!! The photos were taken 2 mos ago and she has put on abit more siize since then and went through her heat at 8 mos.She is now 64lbs,had my doubts to her eventual size,but nearly 23.5 inches tall.Curious on you knowledge how much more weight she might put on.Tia is super obedient,fusses and platzes on command,evening a running sitz as she is running towards me.A little toy motivation is all she needs to speed up her obedience,but even without she is quick to please.She rarely barks by day but at night she is alert and vigilant.I stay on big property and coyotes and raccoons no longer trail thru as she has been after them since she was 6 mos old. Now she defends like a fireball and has a deep,menacing bark to sound them off from afar.If they get close,she is on their ass and trail full throttle.All I do is whistle or call her to return and she speeds back to me and sits like clockwork. She is still submissive with me,but sure and social in crowds of people and parties. She has a very dominant way with other dogs that she likes,makes my friends Cane Corso cry when they play fight.She has half the dogs size at 7mos and yet roles the other over to dominate easily. True at dog parks too,never aggressive,always playful and loves all dogs and cats!!! Very easy for my lifestyle,she will wait patiently for me sitting on a property,waiting for me to free from work top play. Her best friend is a 1 yr old baby that loves her as well.I love her personality!!! Never ever a problem.Will jump on command into anything,no questions.
Maybe someday I'll be intersted in a big male!!!!! Thanks Again
​Update-Milano did get that big male,He has since added a Urs son to his"pack"
Nero is now 45lbs and 21 in tall.Grew abit this month but in the past 2wks He has gone from pup to dog in how He moves and jumps.Finally gaining control of all that bone.He is perfect animal sweet when it counts and actually very protective and will stand and bark to whomever he chooses.He likes to lay and guardMe at the dog park.Runs full grown dogs away and will stand and charge straight at them to intimidate.He and Tia are very much alike in that way.Nero has the protectiveness of a older pup.He will confidently use His deep bark at people who are questionable to him.I dont want to kill that drive but I can begin to control it abit.His ball drive is on parr with Tia's at this age and He'll sit and wait for the command to retreive and brings things directly back to my feet.He has great prey drive.One thing I really like is his lack of fear towards larger dogs.He asserts confident calmness.He walks around like He owns the world!!!! Fun to see that in a 5 mo old pup.I have been giving out your website to alot of people in Laguna.Most are in awwwwwe of the looks, temperamentand intelligence of my dogs.

​​​Mike in Maine writes about his Dargo/Sandy son
Hi Jill,
Just thought I would send you some updated pics of Baldo.He is doing GREAT.He is tracking like a train!He pulls me right along the track and is full of zest!His obedience is very explosive and quick and his protection work is fabulous.He hits the sleeve HARD and FULL Everytime! Again,please feel free to use me as a reference on this breeding.
Take Care,

​​Josh in NV wites of his Casey/Lux daughter
Happy New Year Jill! I hope all is well with you,your family,your dogs,horses and other critters.I have attached a couple of recent pictures of Kira.The pictues are not very good because they were taken with my blackberry and Kira never stands still! I need to get some pictures off my wifes computer-she's the photographer.The two standing pictures were taking in the desert behind my house this morning.The one where she is lying down is from about a month ago(she was watching the kids play at the park).It shows the coloring behind her ears. Well,Kira is closing in on 9 mos now and is a lean 72lbs.
She is ver athletic.People are always shocked at how fast she is when they see her at a dead run.When shes running in the desrt its almost as if its completely devoid of obstacles-which it is not. When we are playing,she will ocassionally spring straight up in the air in front of me.I am 6 ft tall and she will be looking down on me.She is a strong,powerful,determined girl.Not a single health issue to date.We are still feeding her raw and will continue to do so.
We have made it through her first heat cycle-that was fun,NOT. She completely lost her mind! Since then it seems her appetite has dropped off a bit. In your experience,is this normal? She has also mellowed in the house,the chewing everything in site has diminished,and she has earned more freedom.
Once you get her outside for playing and training,she can be a real firecracker.She has an extra gear which I have never experienced in any of the prior dogs I have owned. She is very toy motivated,which is great for training.When she is in drive,her intensity is palpable.I half expect to see sparks shooting off her. I have alwaus heard DDR dogs have a low prey drive.Kira apparently stood in the prey drive line twice. At times,the drive trumps the brain,but that is getting better with maturity. A couple issues come along with the prey drive.Cars move fast and they trigger her prey drive.We are working on that.This is one of the few situations where she will get a correction.Trying to eat coyote scat is another-yuck!
This leads me to another question-I have always heard that DDR line dogs were sensitive to correction.This has not been my experience with Kira at all. I have been quite surprised at what it takes to get her attention when she is in drive. Even then,she will look at me as if to say" Is that it?" and be completely unbothered. She is the hardest dog to a correction that I have ever handled. In your experience,is this normal for these particular lines? I do not want to convey the wrong impression-again,our training is primarily motivational-marker training with food and toys and I try to avoid having to correct her whenever possible.
We love her temperament.She is a mush with everyone in the family and very good with the kids.She is watchful of the house and car. She is somewhat aloof with other people but not unfriendly. With the dogs shes allowed to interact with,shes excellent,wether they are large or small.Unlike my last dog,she is not dog aggressive or dominant.She will not however,take any crap and will not be pushed beyond a certain point.I often descibe her as "soft on the outside but hard in the middle"
Thanks again for a wonderful pup.Keep in touch and take Care,
​Jamie in Texas writes of her Saskia/Lux daughter
Hi Jill, Thank you for the email. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. This is the first weekend since Christmas that I've had a little peace & quiet!! I can just imagine how nice it will be for you to get away for awhile. I've only got 4 dogs and they can be tiresome!! Zero or "Z" as she is fondly called around here is doing great. She has a ton of prey drive! She drives my family crazy as yes; she is a little piranha!! We suddenly have several items of clothing with new holes! I have to warn everyone when she is turned loose in the house as the poor kids are fair game for her. She has tackled them more than once. She sleeps in her crate next to my bed every night and sleeps through the night. She has had quite the experience between the chickens, ducks, goats and horses but remains fearless (sometimes too fearless!!). My Malinois is a handful and challenges every dog that comes around. "Z" just ran up to her kennel and didn't appear the least bit concerned that my Mal would really eat her! Not that she would, but she sure puts on a good show. So far, she has been doing great prey/tug work at the club and my helper said she is a very ni ce dog. That is coming from people who compete at the Nationals and tried for the World Team so you can be proud that you're producing exceptional dogs!! I really couldn't be happier with her and can't thank you enough for such a fantastic dog. It was really nice to meet you and your dogs, I've looked at them so many times online that it was almost like meeting some sort of celebrity. It really was fantastic!! Thanks again, and I'll keep you posted on little "Z" and her progress. Happy New Year and I'll talk to you soon!! Jamie

​​Heather in Alberta Canada writes of her Vicky/Urs pups
​Hello Jill!
I know its been awhile since I spoke with you last-but I wanted to send you recent pictures of the pups I purchased from you Jan 2007. We love them!!!! Actually,we love them,my mom loves them,their trainer loves them and the list goes on and on.
I cant thank you enough for your help in making the decisions and sending the photos of their developement before they were flown to us.
I named them Deter and Inde-short for determination and Independence.
Deter is in two seperate forms of ongoing training-obedience/agility and protection and Inde is in ongoing obedience/agility.
I think the Trainer suggested protection training for Deter so the Trainer could spend more time with Deter..LOL.
They are smart and completely loyal.I cant thank you enough

​Scott in MA writes of his Hanka/Urs boy,Marcus.
Hi Jill,
I hope everything is going great way over there in WA State! Marcus is doing great here,he graduated Puppy School last month.He was actually only 1 of 2 pups to pass the graduation tests out of a class of 8. The other pup was a Lab.The test consisted of walking at heel,a sit stay,stand stay, and down stay with owner out of sight,2 off-leash recalls under distraction ,a "leave it" command in where he was presented with a hotdog and told to leave it until he was allowed to have it,and a "set-up"command in which he comes to me and sits on my left side.All these tests were done in the presence of all other puppies,the recall with distraction tests were done with 2 of the 3 trainers attempting to distract him,1 with a hotdog and other by calling to him.He passed all tests with flying colors :)
I took him on his First camping trip in July to the Adirondack Mountains,he absolutely loved it and he behaved himself quite well for the first time in a canoe.I have discovered he has a huge thing for water,I think he thinks he is a Lab.Marcus will race to and jump in any form of water he encounters.Unfortunately this includes stagnant mud laden puddles we find while hiking lol,though he thoroughly enjoys getting hosed off after we get home as well.
As of today he weighs in at rather shocking 81lbs at 6mos old,though he doesnt look it at all.Once again I feel compelled to thank you for breeding such a smart and wonderful dog,he is a absolute joy to be around even when he gets into his little devilish moods.I took some photos of him today, hope you enjoy seeing how he is coming along.

​​Josh in Shelton,WA writes about his Art daughter
"The dog is the greatest I have ever seen.She is part of the family and she has the best personality.I dont know what you do in your breeding but,lol..keep it up! I have talked to alot of people and you did a great job,especially with the packet that you gave with her.I'm going to try and send her photos to you.

​Bev-Costa Rica
​​​"Hey Jill,very nice to hear from you.Well! Where to start! Tosh loves it wherever I am,and has learned to protect our home very well.Fortunately Costa Ricans are deathly afraid of big dogs,so just the appearance of her is enough to keep people away from me.
I had to shave her belly to keep her coolas she is slowly adjusting to the heat here.She always has that fur coat on,so we walk on the beach(and in the water)every morning and she gets soaking wet,which helps.This is the hottest time,so if she makes it through the next couple of months,it'll get cooler.It runs around 100-106 degrees,but with a nice breeze usually.
She has her favorite shady spots to lie in.Shes so active here,that she's slimming down and getting more muscular.Her crate is kept in the Bodega(pool house),and she eats on the deck,and sleeps in the house at night.Every once in awhile during the heat of the day,she'll go in her crate for awhile. We have cows and horses and she loves scaring them silly.We have Garobels(large lizards..up to 18-20"+)and she chases them across the property.In fact,I found one she had caught yesterday and must shovel it across the road today.She is still miding very well.Of course,I insist. I've had laryngitis for a week a week so I've trained her to come back to me on the beach by blowing a whistle.It doesnt always work,but when it doesnt she suddenly finds herself at the end of a leash,instead of running around.So she's gettin it.She will run in the surf,even though she hates the pool.
Thats about it.The neighbors love her because she guards their property too.She's so nosy..wants to know who stops next door too and she barks if she doesnt know them.I've taught her not to bark at little children and not to bark at the monkeys,and she very good about it.Especially if I'm watching.Keep in touch anytime JIll,and good luck with your new female.Are you breeding her?
I'm glad to have Tosh,I dont know what I would do without her.Thanks!" ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​Jeff -WA writes of Enzo,a Dargo son rehomed to him from a couple in NY
Its great to hear from you,I was planning on sending you a e-mail this morning anyway because I'm so excited with Enzo.We got Enzo friday night.He had a little adventure when the airline lost him in Detroit and he showed up 5 hrs late.But,he made it and I ws surprised how calm he was when he arrived I had seen several dogs shaking and cowering in the back of their crates so I was expecting the same from Enzo but aside from being alittle shy at first Enzo was just curious about his new surroundings.
Enzo and I spent the entire weekend bonding and he is a truly amazing dog! Aside from being absolutely gorgeous both with his looks and the way he moves,he has fantastic temperament.He is very smart and incredibly eager to learn. I learned very quickly that one of his favorite things to do is go for rides in the car so we spent the wknd driving around to different parks and places to go for walks in the woods.Yesterday I took him to visit a friend who lives on 40+ acres near Duvall.I figured it would be a great opportunity to get some more exercise in the woods and I wanted to see how he would handle off leash. My friend has 3 very large dogs(largest is a 217lb Mastiff) and 4 cats.Enzo was excellent off leash and when we would walk,he would either heel on my left side with out being told or walk ahead of me about 20-50 ft and stop regularly to turn and make sure I was still there.Aside from some initial sniffs,he ignored my friends' cats and when walking with the other dogs,Enzo kept focus on his environment and us rather then what the other dogs were doing.I have wanted a high quality GSD for a long time and Enzo exceeds all my expectations and is a dream! Hats off to you and Timberhaus K-9,your breeding of Dargo and Sandy created some awesome dogs! I think Enzo will be a excellent working dog as well and cant wait to start on his drive and focus training.Thank you very much for getting us Franz's information.We will be enrolling in Snohomish Schutzhund Club and I will be in touch with Franz this wknd to see if he can help evaluate Enzo and get us started in the right direction for protection training.I'll be sure to send you some pictures of Enzo.Thanks again for all your information and advice and we'll be sure to stay in contact.
Jeff and Enzo​

​​​Beth writes of her Felis/Eddy son-
We brought Gus home from your place in August 2008. His B-day is April 10th 2008. His name was "Frankie"I just wanted to send you a recent picture of him. He is wonderful, beautiful, and a beloved member of our family. Let me know if you want more pics! Thanks - Beth

​​​DougJohn,Laura,Kathy and John Sr of NY write of their Dargo/Sandy son,Enzo.
Hi Jill,
Just a few lines to say"Hi" and let you know how Enzo is doing.I not only speak for us but also John&Laura when I say he is just what the doctor ordered.He is a wonderful addition to our family and is doing minor bitework which leads us to believe he will do just fine in his training.He seems to understand basic commands as if he were older.The trainer that John&Laura have,has said he is much larger and smarter then then other pups his age and he sees no problem with him when it comes to time for him to start his training.Thank you for picking him for us and rest assured he will bethe spitting image of Dargo in every way.We will keep you informed and send pictures as soon as we can.Best Regards to you and your family..furry family too.Hope the weather is still bearable for you and we will talk soon.
Thanks again,God Bless all.....
Your friends in Rochester,NY

​​Wiccan&Matt of WA state. Pet Store owners and proud parents of "Gabe",a Artur Gal-Mark son.
"Gabe is by far,one of the best dogs I have ever owned.I think perhaps,when he gets older he may even outclass my lovely Magnus.He is a kind dog, willing,smart,sweet. He's got brains and body to match.He can from being a dog wandering around a pet store with customers,children, small animals and strange dogs,to putting him in a harness and he's a working machine..all business and grit.
He is patience personified with people,trusting and willing..and yet,he reserves good judgement until he's met you a few times to really show you how friendly and loving he can be. He's willing to have a stranger rub his tummy if they ask,but he never lets me move far from his sight before he gets up and checks on me to see if I'm alright,if I need help.He rounds up loose parakeets without putting a mark on them,too.Even fetches them from the front counter when they got out ;).
He goes to work with me everyday,he can nap on the floor for 10 hrs,get up and be willing to work in the wet and cold and love every minute of it.He's a water dog,he loves the water,he will fetch a ball for hours and never get bored.He has the gentlest mouth of any dog I've ever owned ,in terms of people fingers. He's welcomed wherever we go on Bainbridge..the bank,schools,everything.We
teach dog bite prevention classes and he loves the kids..never moves until asked,never tries to dominate or push small children.He right now weighs 120 ..and topped out at 28"at the shoulder.He can jump a 4 ft fence with ease,without strain*BOING!* He pre-limed clear on OFA,both hips and elbows with a "Good!" He cleared Von Wildebrandts and Heart and Eye too.:D
We thought ,heck,go all the way..ha ha! He is wonderful with other dogs,the first male German Shepherd I've had who doesnt tend to get....a little pushy ;) He plays with big dogs,little ones,he can load into a truck with strange dogs for SAR and never blink. He loves tracking,he thinks its a game we play with our nose and he can go for hours! Hours! Hes a willing,hard worker and he never once said.."no,I quit".Ever. I say it before He does. I know it sounds like I'm singing the praises of this dog ,but he deserves it.My Agility trainer(yeah,we're doing agility)and my SAR one,love this dog.My agility trainer said"Gabe is a Shepherd! He's what I think of saving babies from burning buildings and rescuing kittens from rivers." And He is. Matt and I adore him.Well,accept for the time he ate the sofa.But that was our fault.We still cant find all the peices! My customers adore him too,in case you hadnt noticed.He is well-behaved,true..but alot of them get over their"Scared of Shepherds"fear with him.He's always got the kindest,calmest expression with people in the shop and they always ask"Is that a Shepherd?" It doesnt look like any I've seen...
And Yes, compared to the often odd,racy,neurotic dogs I see in my work,he doesnt look like one.He's a brick,and tougher then nails.He has bone to die for and,when hs up on Matt when they're playing goof dog,he nearly knocks him over! ( I laugh.I know how to brace.)So,I'm sending you a few older pics.He's red..fire engine red in a few spots...; ) He's a absolutely gorgeous color,a true red andblack.People comment on him constantly :D
So,heres a few blk/white photos! We will send more soon! If you have any questions..e-mail me! I adore this Moose dog!"

​​​Donna from CA writes of her Hanka/Urs girl,Drina;
I wish you could have seen Drina's ob work tonight. She was absolutely having a ball. I started beginning last week to make her wait for what ever she wants until she makes solid eye contact with me. At first she figured that a quick glance would be enough, but she soon figured out that it had to be actual contact. Tonight every recall was fast and straight with her eyes locked on mine, even with the treat insight in my hand down by my side. She was jumping into the platz without losing eye contact. Then the part that really thrilled me was when we got to the back porch, she sat and locked her eyes on mine, even while I opened the door, and she held the eye contact until I released her into the house. Realize that all during this time she is off leash and she knows that her dinner is already in her crate in the house. I'll tell you she is one mouthy son of a gun. It is hard keeping the balance between not discouraging her from wanting to grip everything she sees and teaching her that griping(hard) my arm is not a good thing. At least she doesn't go after my legs or feet any more(well rarely), but she rightly feels that everyone else's feet and legs are fair game, especially if they ignore her at all. I wish that you could see her stalking me. She'll be lose and I'll look over and she'll be flat on her belly, usually with her head flat on the ground, totally tense and staring at me. Of course I am game, so I'll crouch down and stare right back. It used to be all I had to do is make one quick move to either side and she was on me in a flash. Now even if that move is towards her, no hesitation, she is on me. It reminds me of my Dobie/Catahoula, Kaila, she used to stalk people to play all the time. Scared more than one person into thinking she was actually hunting them. I hope everything is well with you. Talk to you soon
Update-Donna has since added Uzo ,a beautiful son of Lord to her"pack".​
Deb,WA writes of her Dargo/Saskia son,Dragon
I just wanted you to know that Dragon is healthy,happy,gorgeous,sweet and growing like a weed.I took this week off of work to spend with him,and it's going to be very hard to go back to work.He goes with me everywhere..he loves to ride in the car,he's housetrained in one day,he's great with my other dogs,he's learning basic commands so quickly it's scary,he's mellow,and overall,just a awesome puppy. I don't want to devalue all the other dogs I've had,but Dragon is the absolute best dog I've ever had. Everywhere I take him people fall in love with him.He's such a handsome dog ,and I don't think he's going to go through the"uglies".He just looks like the perfect little shepherd.We start puppy classes tonight,and he's also going to start daycare a few hours a week.He's such a mellow dog that I dont think he'll be happy going to daycare too many days a week.I'm attaching a couple of pictures,even though they don't do him justice.Solid black dogs are hard to photograph,I've discovered. He's everything I've hoped for and so much more.He doesnt have a single bad habit or challenging quality.Well,except that he like to chew on my shoes...thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs!!!
Deb writes again:
Hi Jill!
It's been a few months since I e-mailed you,so I just wanted to give you a update.Dragon is doing great! He's 6 months old,weighs 66 lbs,is gorgeous and very happy! Having never had a Shepherd before,I'm constantly amazed by him.I had thought all these years that there is a difference between a smart dog and a trainable dog.I had assumed that dogs who were really smart(ie,able to reason)are harder to train.So,naturally I thought Shepherds were highly trainable but not really high on the reasonong scale.Boy was I wrong! Dragon is so smart,it's scary.I have a little decoration on my back door handle that has bells on it.At 4 mos,Dragon figured out that if he rang the bells,I would come to the door and let him out(apparently he realized that when I let him out before,the bells always rang).Of course,he rings the bells all the time now..if he has to go to the bathroom,if he wants to see what toys are outside,if he wants to go flirt with the neighbor's puppy..and so on.How did this happen?Suddenly I'm responding to HIS demands! He's never far from me,and he minds so well I can't believe itI have to tell you...after having him for 5 mos,I'm wondering why anyone would get any other breed.He is an AMAZING dog! He's very friendly and very calm.I just have to assume he'd protect me if needed...he's got such a sweet temperament.He does bark when someone comes around,and his bark is getting pretty deep and intimidating sounding.My dominant female adores him,which is really strange...she's not particularly dog-friendly.They play constantly(she's 10).I can't think of a single bad habit or bad quality.He's never damaged anything(well,maybe a few teeth marks on some of my shoes),and I've always been able to leave him in my car or in the house for short periods of time with no damage at all.He goes everywhere with me and everyone knows his name.People always greet him by name and he always looks at me as though to say"why does everyone know me?" I need to send you photos,and I'll do that very soon.Horse shopping didnt exactly get me the horse of my dreams,but it sure got me the dog of my dreams! He is one fabulous dog and you are one terrific breeder!
Thanks more then I can ever say!!! Deb

​Tanya writes of her Harley son from a breeding with a outside female
Hi Jill,
I have a 8 yr old son from your old male Harley.I saw on your site that he has passed now and your letter to him made me cry thinking of what I will do when it is my guys time! It is true that there are certain dogs in our lives that all other dogs are judged against and Mick is my Once in a lifetime dog.He is a beautiful dog,117lbs of pure muscle and he has a head like a grizzly bear! He is quintessential picture of the perfect German Shepherd.He has a rock solid temperament,is very easy to handleand is very good with all the children,neighbor kids,etc but once the front gate is shut at night and we go to bed...I dare anyone to come through the gate! I wanted to tell you how happy I am with him,even though I know you were not the Breeder but you did own his father and from what I see in Mick and what others have told me you have wonderful dogs and obviously know your stuff! Its funny how I found you.I ran into a woman at the Pet Store while I had Mick with me.She oohhed and ahhhed about Mick and we talked abit.I told her I was looking to get another shepherd, a female.She told me to contact you..had one of your business cards in her car. Her name is Beth(or Elizabeth?)I did not have internet at the time so I just put your card aside.Well,2 yrs later I have finally got with the program and got a PC and ! I didnt put two and two together until I logged onto your site! Since then I have spoke to others and it seems you have a good reputation and still have those great dogs! Isnt it funny how things have a way of coming full circle?
Well,I will be calling you soon if thats alright? I want to get a female from you while Mick is still here to show her how to be a good dog! Maybe some of his Magic will rub off,haha! I will be in touch!
Jessica writes of her adult Harley/Abbey son placed with her after his 1st owner had to move.
Hi Jill
Its been a long time since I've updated you on Jack.Jack is fine and is a wonderful dog.He is huge.He has put on more weight in the past couple years.I have lots of stories to share with you about him.You know I purchased Jack as for a pet and he is a wonderful family pet but is protective of us.One time in the middle of the night some weirdo was pounding on our door.My husband made his way to the door and Jack got between him and the front door.My husband opened the door and again Jack pushed ahead and pushed open the screen door.There was a derelict there and Jack completely changed,he was showing his teeth and was foaming at the mouth! The stranger took off running at that was the end.Another time someone was in the backyard .I called the police and a couple of deputies came out and Jack was friendly to them.The deputy told me to lock all the doors to the house.Jack really wanted to go in the backyard with them.We have a big,mult-level backyard,many hiding places and sure enough Jack led the deputy to the guy that had jumped our fence.He was arrested and taken away.But then there was about 10 officers in our house ,all making over Jack. I just couldnt believe it.The officers asked me if I would like to donate my dog to the Sheriff's dept as they were short on dogs for the k-9 unit...they were serious!I told them I will never part with Jack and the deputies realized that.They said he was a uniques German Shepherd and would be a asset to the dept.They wanted to know where I got Jack from.Should I give them your contact info?Jack is great,we love that dog so much.I just wanted you to know and also let Scott know.I remember you were very picky about who you placed Jack with and knew he was right for me.He is and I cant describe the bond.He sleeps on my bed next to me when my husband is working nights.I dont think he's mourning losing his first owner.He did mourn for awhile but the bond we have with that dog is something I cant describe.He loves my whole family but he is still my dog.He sleeps on a bed or blanket next to my bed,loves to go for rides and is healthy and we love him so much!He is great!
Reply if you have the time.
Isa from the Phillipines writes;
​Hi Jill!
 Raven is THE most amazing dog have ever met, let alone owned! I have always had 'show' type shepherds that were great but not amazing! When I think about how much I spent to get her here, I cringe a little but oh man is she worth every penny. 
Thanks so much for Raven.
Gabrielle writes of her Heidi/Dino daughter;
​​Hi Jill!
Hope all is well (no concussions or other mishaps!)
All is well w Zuni (aka Zuzu, aka Sonja, aka Stinker). We've gone THREE weeks without any mishaps and I'm thrilled. Last weekend Ron used her as a demo-dog for his day long seminar (she demo'd "don't touch", temporary boundaries and off-leash come). She wasn't perfect, but she was a rockstar.
She LOVES to fetch balls w Bazza. Bazza owns the ball so we play a 2-ball variation -- the first ball is thrown loooong for Bazza and while he's chasing it, I toss a 2nd ball medium distance for Zuni. She waits sorta-patiently for her ball to be thrown, but her distances are getting farther and farther and she's almost as quick as Bazza with the chase, grab & return. Such fun!
Will likely start protection training within the next several weeks. She's ready. :)
Got her (and Bazza) insured, so I'm VERY glad about that.
Thanks and hope you're enjoying what's left of summer. Wait, summer ended yesterday. Drat.
​Hiya Jill:
I was looking at the new web site today and all the photos made me puppysick for a new pup! Of course I still have Cinder:
Felis/...Urs? I can't recall now.
We have a flock of a dozen chickens and while I believe she would really like to eat them all, she is very good about just herding them around.
She is still an intense dog, up for anything all the time and I constantly get compliments on her coloring and conformtion.
I am adding a Maremma puppy in a week (specifically for livestock guarding) and I think having a younger dog around will be good for her, as my older male can't keep up with her play.
I always refer (serious) prospective buyers to you after they ask where i got my dog. Could not be happier with how she has turned out :)
Cheers and hope to see you soon!

On Monday both of Axel's ears were standing straight up. His ears remind me of the photo of Quella in the grass at 12 weeks. He is all ears and feet.
Axel is not afraid of a thing. He chases any life i.e. birds or bees right out of the yard. We were out in the backyard at 3:30am and he started growling at who knows what? I wasn't about to find out and it was dark so we went back inside the house. Good lord he is already protecting me and he is just a baby!
Took him to a soccer game at TCC and of course he had to flirt with everyone especially the girls. He is such a ladies man! Anyway everybody asked to pet him and of course he loved all the attention.
His teeth are razor sharp so I'm trying to break him of chewing on hands and arms although I know that is just the puppy in him just wanting to play. We are well stocked in chew toys and smoked knuckle bones around here. He has two beds and blankets so needless to say he is spoiled come nap time.
Axel looks just like his father. It is incredible what a resemblance there is. He is just a good boy.
That’s all for now. I have to get ready for work.
Take care,
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ron in Utah writes of his Whitney/Lord son
Jill, Thought I'd send you another photo of Jaguar taken at training today. I keep hoping someone takes a photo of him actually biting the sleeve - but this will have to do.In July I had Jaguar with me in an area where we were dealing with environmental protesters - I was happy to deploy him on 2 different days as the other K9 handlers and I dealt with about 80 protesters. He did a great job.He's a wonderful, well balanced dog - plus he's a great companion. He'll be 16 months old in a couple of days.Thanks
Ron Kaysville, UT

Hi Jill,
Here are some photos of Panzer. He is 13 mos now and weighs 115 lbs. He is the best dog ever! Amazing ball drive, protective but not aggressive, incredibly smart and completely loyal and obedient. Were going to our first Schutzhund club meeting today, I know his ability and incredible beauty will make him an instant star there. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.


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