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Again,another controversial subject.Pet Owners have been sold a bill of goods folks. Why were we told to bring our pets in for yearly vaccinations? Money.It is a business pure and simple.Think about We go get Polio vaccinations every year,measels,mumps????
​ I want to be clear when I say I DO believe in vaccinating, I just do not believe it needs to be done every year for the life of the animal which is what every Vet clinic will say you NEED to do! Studies have shown that over vaccinating is causing many problems in our pets.
Google Vaccinosis and you'll find many interesting articles.

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Umbilical Hernias

​​​This can be a common issue in German Shepherd pups and is often misdiagnosed by Veterinarians as a life threatening,hereditary condition that must be fixed immediately. There is a difference between a "True Hernia" and a "Delayed closure" of the umbilical ring. In 25 yrs of breeding,I have never had a "True Hernia". I do not believe they are genetic at all but are due to the mother tugging on the cord during whelping.
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